Environment Making You Sick?

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We experience harmful toxins indoors and outdoors including industrial chemicals and pollutants everywhere. These pollutants are in our homes, at our jobs, where we store, or anywhere else we may go. They’re on the furniture we sit , the carpets we walk on, the clothes we wear, the detergent or cleaners we use to wash our clothes and wash our dwelling. Many are in the foods we consume daily. We ingest them through touch, breathing the air and through our skin, nose, mouth, and ears.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), at least 25% of health problems are caused or connected to environmental variables. Personally, I believe that the health problems caused about our environment is much higher than what the statics show. Toxins in the air have been linked to health conditions and ailments such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, early puberty, cancer, reduced fertility, premature puberty, premature birth, learning disabilities such as Autism and much more.

There are changes you can make in your environment and personal lifestyle which can help to promote a healthy lifestyle and better overall health for you and your family.

Switch from toxic chemical cleaners that contain harmful ingredients including fragrances that are damaging to your health and use eco-friendly, green cleaning products or make your own DIY cleansers. You can create your own cleaners or clean by using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemons, vinegar that are some of the most effective cleaners. The best part is there’s not any health risks and will safe you money. Add some essential oils to get an inviting fragrance: such as orange, peppermint oil, or rose oil.
Change from chemical pesticides and use organic, environmentally friendly alternatives. No one needs bugs crawling around in their houses but be sure you make healthy choices and search online for natural, organic pest control that are safe for humans and animals. One way I like to control insect is take peppermint essential oil and place a few drops of the oil in a sprayer full of water and spray anywhere you find bugs. Another useful tip is try growing your own peppermint plants inside that helps to clean the air while it is keeps the bugs at bay. Check to make sure you buy one that cleans compounds, dust, mold, and do your homework before purchasing to ensure you are getting the highest quality for your dollar.
Take off your shoes at the door and have a comfy pair of shoes that you just wear inside at the doorway to slip. You’re surprised at how much cleaner your house will remain and how much cleaner your air is.
Check you kitchen for poisonous products. Plastic container shouldn’t use especially for heating or storing foods. Use glass jars or storage containers that would not leak toxins into your food. Don’t use toxic cookware like teflon coated pans or skillets that’s been linked to many health problems. Ceramic cookware is touted as being very secure.
Try growing your own food with a natural garden. Make your own compost from food scraps and pull weeds rather than using pesticides. Use natural means of controlling bugs like, Neem oil, or check online for many DIY recipes which are extremely effective.
Learn how to find time each day to be quiet. Noise is everywhere we go and surrounds us.Noise pollution is a fact that so many people have to deal with each and every day. Make a daily effort to find quiet time and turn your TV off and any other digital gadgets.
It is not always possible to control what happens outside of our home but we can control what happens inside our home.

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